Discography and Bibliography


Dear Reader,
“[…] the first thing he (J. S. Bach) did was to teach his
pupils his peculiar mode of Touching the (keyboard)
instrument…” J. N. Forkel.
Since I first read this sentence, a long time ago, I have embarked on
a long journey trying to decipher what that “peculiar mode” may
have been. After many years of research, reflection and intuition, in
2005, I had a crucial meeting, leading to work with Miklós Spányi,
who has occupied himself with this matter since 1988, both in
theory and in practice.
This meeting and cooperation have enlightened me enormously.
Although so many questions and doubts remain on this theme, I
must nevertheless say that the deeper I dive into it, the more I have
the feeling of coming home.

Cristiano Holtz, harpsichord by Matthias Kramer after Zell (1728)
Ramée RAM 1912 (2CDs) [123:29]



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